Masturbation is a very normal and natural act, but it has been wrongfully demonized by our society and has become somewhat of a taboo subject. Masturbation is not only a natural and healthy self-care activity, but it’s something that can really improve your life in many ways, especially for women!

Let’s break down some of the life and health benefits of female masturbation:

1. Increases overall happiness

Masturbation helps improve your overall mood because it increases the level of good hormones in your system. With good hormones like Dopamine flowing through your body, you should feel happier overall. Plus, it’s a natural stress reliever. We know everyone is always looking for another way to minimize stress.

2. Helps you be more comfortable with your body and strengthens your relationship with yourself

In order to have a strong and healthy relationship with someone else, you first need to have a strong and healthy relationship with yourself. Knowing your own body, your desires, and needs will help you understand yourself better. Which will improve your intimate encounters and relationships with others.

3. Natural sleep aid

Many women use masturbation as a way to wind down before bed. Why is this? Women have discovered that after a good self-love session, you’re often pretty tuckered out and relaxed. This happens because of the release of Dopamine during the anticipation of a sexual climax. After the orgasm, additional hormones and endorphins are released, which give you a beautiful afterglow and warm feeling of relaxation.

4. Release sexual tension

Dry spells are common for everyone, whether you’re single or in a relationship. If you’re feeling antsy, angsty, or tense about sex, don’t be afraid to take a little time for yourself (with yourself) to try and release any of those negative feelings you’re having.

5. Improves pelvic floor strength

There are countless benefits to having a strong pelvic floor, which is something that many women are completely unaware of. Achieving an orgasm helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which can help relieve any pelvic pain or tension.

6. Help relieve menstrual pain

Because a sexual climax will improve your pelvic floor strength, orgasms can also help to alleviate any pain related to your menstrual cycle as well. Plus, the increase in dopamine can help improve your mood when you aren’t feeling your best. 

7. Improves your sex life

Masturbation is a great way to figure out what really turns you on without dealing with any judgement. If you’re in tune with your body you will be able to better communicate your needs to a partner, when the time comes.

8. Multiple orgasms

Do we need to go into detail here? Multiple orgasms are amazing, yay for self-love!

Not sure where to start?

There are many different varieties of toys to help you masturbate if you feel that a sex toy or vibrator will make this process easier and more enjoyable. Trying different toys is a great way to mix things up in the bedroom, even if you’re alone. 

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