The Perfect Sex Toy for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Every Zodiac sign is unique, with specific characteristics setting you apart from others. We’ve built this guide to help you find a way to pair the sex toys in your closet with your astrological sign!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)  – The Carrie B. Purple Slim G

In their day to day lives, Aries are often come off as brazen and tough. But when it comes to their sex lives, they can be romantics who crave kind and gentle lovemaking. However, just because they crave a more tender kind of love than other zodiac signs, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t afraid to ask for what they want.

Classic design and sensory pleasure come together in this powerful little vibrator. The Carrie B. Purple Slim G is the perfect vibrator to help Aries and their partners enjoy the sugary sweet lovin’ they’re jonesing for.

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – Loretta Rechargeable Wand

Tauruses don’t mess around when it comes to sex and romance. One night stands and meaningless flings are not typically their cup of tea. You’re more likely to find them in longer, committed relationships, where they tend to thrive as committed and reliable partners.

Taurses typically want to keep things slow and sensual in the bedroom, so some taurses might be intimidated by the idea of incorporating toys, at least at first. We recommend the Loretta Rechargeable wand because it’s an approachable option with it’s classic wand style and it’s compact size. But don’t worry ladies, smaller does not mean less powerful! Tauruses will enjoy it’s 10 blissful functions and 1 ½ hours of uninterrupted satisfaction.

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Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – The Celine Butterfly Wand

Geminis are known for being fun-loving partners who love to mix things up. They are easily turned on and easily satisfied, so they’re often open to experiment! Plus, they love trying new things and will usually try anything once.

Explore new levels of pleasure with The Celine Butterfly Wand. It’s the perfect massager for reaching the most sensitive places. This bendable Butterfly Wand has 12 stimulating functions and can be maneuvered into a variety of angles for clitorial, anal, and nipple play. Which is what makes it perfect for adventurous Geminis who are eager to play!

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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)  – The Kate Rechargeable Duo G Vibe

Cancers are known for being some of the most passionate lovers of the signs, but they are also somewhat reserved by nature. Cancers are bound to love The Kate Rechargeable Duo G Vibe, an ergonomically correct dual-stimulating vibrator that is guaranteed to take your sex to a whole new level. Kate will touch you in ways you’ve never been touched before and quickly become your bedroom best friend!

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Leo (July 23 – August 22) – Crystal Butterfly Dual G Purple

Leos are notorious for being the most sexually adventurous and charismatic of the zodiac signs.

The Crystal Butterfly Dual G Purple is the perfect companion to fun-loving and confident Leos. With a bedazzled base and a butterfly shaped clitorial massager, this vibrator is guaranteed to add some bling to your bedroom!

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Virgo (August 23 – September 22) – The Babe Mini Wand

Virgos are known for their practicality and discretion, especially when it comes to matters of the bedroom. Even though they tend to be private, Virgos are committed to excellence in whatever they pursue, making them unselfish and fulfilling partners.

The Babe Mini Wand is the perfect toy for Virgos because it was designed with fun and discretion in mind! Virgos will feel comfortable incorporating this petite toy into their own self-love routine or during sex with their partner.

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Libra (September 23 – October 22) – The Donatella Jelly G

Surprised that the zodiac’s token party girl can also be an uninhibited sex fiend? We sure aren’t! Whether you’re playing alone or with a partner, Libras are bound to enjoy The Donatella Jelly G. This is not your ordinary vibrator. This is a high-end work of art that will truly stand the test of time.

With easy one touch controls, you can choose from 4 different vibrator speeds, 4 rotating functions and up to 8 levels of pulsating patterns on the clitoral attachment. With adjustable rotating beads, precise movement and a variety of options to choose from, this massager will bring out a Libra’s adventurous side.

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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – The Jimmee Lightning Rod

Some might think of Scorpios as being sexually shy, but don’t be fooled – scorpios can release some of the most intense sexual energy of the signs once they’ve harnessed it. Scorpios are considered to have some of the most intense, complex, and intuitive personalities out of all of the zodiac signs.

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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) – Ellie G.Vibrator Ribbed

Sagittarius’s are known for being free spirited, easy-going and inquisitive people. They enjoy spontaneity in their day to day lives and in the bedroom.

So grab the Ellie G. Vibrator for some kinky, ribbed spontaneity! Sagittariuses will love Ellie’s bendable nature and smooth top surface, both of which are ideal for G-spot stimulation. Plus, the soft silicone ribbing adds an extra bit of sensation and fun too!

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Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)  – No. 15 Power Contour Vibrator Twist

Capricorns are the most cautious and no-nonsense of the signs, even when it comes to sexual pleasure. They approach sex with a practical mindset, just as they approach everything else.

They are always thinking in the long term, so we chose a toy that just won’t quit for our practical Capricorns, the No. 15 Power Contour Vibrator Twist. Even though Capricorns are pragmatic, it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy frequent and fun sex. Incorporate the No. 15 Power Contour Vibrator Twist into your personal or partner play time.

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Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)  – The Jill Rechargeable G-Vibe Set

Aquarians can get bored easily, even in the bedroom. So, in order to achieve maximum sexual pleasure, you better come prepared with an arsenal of exciting toys, regardless of if you’re an aquarian looking to pleasure yourself alone or with a partner.

Which is exactly why the multi-part Jill Rechargeable G-Vibe set is perfect for the easily distracted Aquarians. Keep them (or yourself)  engaged and satisfied with this luxurious silicone vibrating set. Jill’s rechargeable bullet vibrator and the sexy design of the accompanying vibrator will ensure that no one gets bored!

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Pisces (February 19 – March 20)  – The Sophia Bendable Duo G. Vibe

For Pisces, sex and sexual pleasure can be complicated due to their sensitive nature. They tend to use sex to work through problems like bad days, frustrations, and even loneliness. Using sex and physical touch in this way can lead to negative associations with physical intimacy, either with yourself or a partner.

We recommend Pisces try and enjoy sexual play for what it is, playtime! Try and clear your mind of other issues and really be in the moment. Enhance your playtime with The Sophia Bendable Duo G Vibe, one of the best toys out there. We promise she can touch you like no one else can!

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The Ins and Outs of Anal Sex: How to Make Back Door Play Safe and Enjoyable

So here’s the scenario: you and your honey are snuggled up, getting hot and heavy, and then, you feel his penis slip back and start to press against the other hole. You’re horny, he’s horny, and though you have some misgivings, the heat of the moment has you figuring ‘why the hell not?’


No, seriously, stop right there. Before diving headfirst into back door play, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:


You should always talk to your partner before engaging in any kind of sex act, but when it comes to anal sex, communication is especially important. In the scenario painted above, permission is neither asked nor granted.

Silence is not consent.

Neither is acquiescence.

In regards to any kind of sex, consent must be verbalized aloud. And if you’re not comfortable saying ‘yes’ to something, please don’t allow yourself to be talked into doing things because you feel pressured by expectations—be it theirs or your own.

Here’s a few tips on broaching the subject of anal sex (or any discussion pertaining to your sex life) with your partner:

  • Don’t wait till the two of you are in the middle of foreplay to bring up the topic; he or she might feel put on the spot, and agree (or disagree) while less than clear-headed
  • Do bring up the topic at a neutral time; maybe start a dialogue about sexual fantasies using a game
  • Do listen to your partner; even if the act is something you really don’t want to try, allow your partner to speak their mind and respond in a mature, thoughtful manner

And even though it’s already been stated:

  • Don’t allow yourself to be talked into doing something that you’re not comfortable with.


You and your partner have talked, and the two of you have decided to try some back door play. Great! So now you’re ready to get down and dirty in the bedroom, right?


There are a few things you need to be aware of before engaging in anal sex, which will ensure that the both of you find the experience enjoyable.

First, the rectum is not like the vagina; it does not self-lubricate. Second, it’s narrower than the vagina, and much, much tighter.  And third, (and this is something that concerns a lot of people when the subject of anal play comes up) the rectum is clear of waste after one has had a bowel movement.

When a couple decides to have anal sex, the first thing they will need is lube. Lots and lots of lube.

There is no such thing as too much lube.

Now, if one is going the traditional route and not utilizing any toys, a good quality silicone lube will do the job. There are lubricants out there that are specifically formulated for anal play, which are more viscous (thicker) than silicone lubricants meant for regular sex. Either type is fine, though the thicker formulation might make things more comfortable. If you will be using toys, however, stick to a water-based formula, as silicone can damage the toy if it’s not made of glass, metal, or non-porous plastic. Also, if you are using a water-based lubricant, be prepared to use a lot of it; the rectum naturally absorbs water, which means water-based lubricants dry up more quickly than a silicone lube.

But lube alone is not enough.

The rectum is guarded by two rings of muscle called sphincters; they’re there to keep bodily waste inside until one needs to use the toilet. These muscles are very strong, and need to be gently stretched open, either by fingers or a small toy.

Lubricated fingers should be eased in one at a time, with more lube added if any discomfort is evident. The process shouldn’t be rushed, and the person on the receiving end should be relaxed; it might be uncomfortable at first, but it shouldn’t hurt. If there’s pain, then it’s not being done correctly.

The person doing the fingering should ideally work their way up to three fingers, scissoring them apart carefully to loosen the muscles.

If a toy is being used—and there are a lot of great options out there—make sure it has a flared base so it doesn’t get lost inside the body, and start small. A toy made of platinum grade silicone is a great choice for a beginning, as it has the sanitary qualities that is inherent to silicone toys, but is soft and flexible, meaning it will move with the body. One can even insert a small plug to prepare oneself for sex, and cut down on prep time.

And finally, even if you and your partner don’t normally use condoms, use one for anal sex. This will cut down on the chances of one or both of you coming down with a bacterial infection, and keep everything nice and clean.

Knocking on the Black Door

Knocking on the Black Door

Last week we offered some tips for integrating sex toys into your sex life, this week we thought we’d share a collection specifically designed for couples. The Black Door collection features vibes that both of you can use separately or together.

The line features toys designed, as the name subtly hints, for anal pleasure. While both sexes can feel the joys that come from anal play, prostate massage has direct health benefits for men. It can help with impotence and improve urine flow. Massaging the prostate can lead to improved ejaculation, which has earned it the name P-spot.

No. 15 Power Contour Vibrator Twist - 3Both the No. 15 and No. 17 in the Black Door collection are excellent for P-spot play as well as general anal play. The bendable silicone design is great for hitting the p-spot and the 10 functions give you the variety to enjoy them over and over again.

A previous post gave you an introduction to Butt Plugs and the key to remember when starting any anal play is that you will need a lube. There are some great water-based lubes out there so find one that is to your liking. Many consumers like to use a gel-based one for anal as it is thicker and can adhere to the toy really well. One tip to consider when using toys, especially if you intend to share, is that using a condom on the toy will both keep it clean and prevent the transfer of STIs or just plain old bacteria. You would especially want to use a condom if you intend to use a toy both anally and vaginally.

Another thing to remember with anal toys is that penetration is not always necessary. Most of your nerve ending are around the entrance, which is why rimming is enjoyed by many. The No. 7 Grande Bullet with its 12 intense speeds would be great for just that sort of thing. The ring design of the handle allows your partner to control it even while they concentrate on other areas of your body.

So our Hump Day Rump Day question for you our readers is, have you tried anal play? Guys, have you used a vibe for P-spot stimulation? Yay or Nay on anal? Let us know over on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag it #rumpday.

Check out the toys featured in this post below and at the Black Door Collection page.

3 AMAZING Sex Toys For Couples

3 AMAZING Sex Toys For Couples

Even the most sexually compatible couples will need something new and exciting from time to time to keep the spark alive in the bedroom. You and your main squeeze are no exception! To that end, adult toys are some of the BEST options for you to really ramp up your orgasmic intensity and add a little variety to your love-making. For some people, bringing a third party to bed is daunting sometimes, but vibrators and dildos aren’t called sex toys for nothing! They’re meant to make partnered play time even more fun—and, trust us, they will if you try them!

Here, we’ve collected three options that are sure to spice up the sex lives of couples. You can be sure that these toys will live up to all your expectations and then some. Whether you’re experimenting with sex toys for the first time together or shopping for a new stand-by, these couple-friendly sex toys will drive you and your partner wild with desire. Check them out, and expand your sexual repertoire tonight!


No. 5 Vibrating Relaxer

Hold on for the experience of a lifetime, with this Vibrating Relaxer! This deceptively powerful, multi-function massager, with twin motors in the head & body, has been expertly designed for stimulating the p-spot or g-spot. With a gentle rippled head, soft finish, and a contoured form that is tailored for a more powerful, fulfilling experience; this toy is guaranteed to satisfy your deepest desires.


No. 11 Duo Plugs

Butt plugs are some of the best sex toys out there! These two unique plugs are designed specifically to help people ease into use. They each feature a unique design including a flanged base. It is recommended to start with the smaller plug and then work your way to the larger one.


No. 13 Ribbed Pleaser

Gently probe those most delicate places with this 7-inch, easy-to-hold massager. This imaginatively crafted 10-function vibrator comes with a gently curving, ribbed shaft. As powerful as it is functional, this exceptional massager will give you a vigorous workout and have you coming back for more!

8 Ways to Love the Charlotte Rose

8 Ways to Love the Charlotte Rose

Our Charlotte Rose is arguably the most beloved, foolproof vibrator—it’s our take on a classic wand with a twist. It’s reliable, it’s strong, and it feels like no guy ever has or will be able to. (Psst, let’s keep that between us, shall we?) It’s also battery-powered, keeping you prepared at all times.

There are loads of ways to enjoy this powerful sex toy no matter what your pleasure preference.

By using your imagination and trying out some new techniques with your vibrator, you can make sure you enjoy varied stimulation and new orgasmic heights time after time.

1. Start slow
You don’t have to start with the high-speed setting right away. Many people will find the extreme vibrations too much, especially at first. Even if you’re trying to achieve a quick orgasm, it is best to start slowly and gradually build your way up to a satisfying climax. You’ll also find that if you try and go from zero to orgasm in a few seconds, it might end up being more disappointing than pleasurable.

2. All change
To get the most from the Charlotte Rose, try out some different positions. Rather than opting for the standard missionary style, move yourself in different ways and angle the toy differently, you might discover a new level of pleasure that you never thought possible. Some new positions to try include standing, kneeling and using your vibrator from behind.

3. Build it up
Although it’s good to start slowly, don’t be afraid to build things up. Once you’re used to the slower settings, turn things up a notch and go for one of the medium settings. Work up gradually to find a speed that’s right for you. It could be that a medium speed is enough to bring you to a satisfying climax; others might want to try something a little more intense.

4. Be indirect
Yes, clitoral stimulation is good—but with a wand vibrator—indirect pleasure is even better. If you want to bring yourself to a sensational climax more gradually, use the head of the Charlotte Rose around your most intimate areas rather than directly on them. The powerful vibrations of your vibrator will transmit throughout the entire area, giving you a slower building, more intense orgasm at the end of it.

5. Lube things up
As with all sex toys, using some extra lube can be the difference between a good and an amazing time.

The intense vibrations of the Charlotte Rose work amazingly with a few generous squirts of lubricant; don’t be afraid to use it all over the head of the vibrator, and yourself too to increase sensation and help your orgasm along its way.

6. Use with your partner
Let your partner get involved with your rotating vibrator, or use it on them as part of sexy foreplay to work yourselves up to sensual lovemaking.

7. Relax and unwind
Take some time before you use the Charlotte Rose to make yourself feel sensual and sexy. Slip on some sexy lingerie, light some candles and put on some sensual music – you’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy feeling sex and using your vibrator too.

8. Attempt high-speed, but slowly
If you find yourself enjoying the vibrations but needing something extra, don’t be afraid to go for one of the higher settings. Ideal for those who love truly intense stimulation, the highest setting is ideal for indirect masturbation too.

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